A Full Scale Softwood Mill

The Weaverville Sawmill was originally built in 1947 by the Vanzee Family and purchased by Cal-Ore Co in 1950. Destroyed by fire in 1952, and rebuilt by the Rose Family in 1954. Operated as Trin-Co Forest Products until 1974 when it was purchased by Cal-Pacific manufacturing. The sawmill was shut down in 1981, and then purchased by the Schmidbauer family, remodeled and opened in 1983 as the Trinity River Lumber Company.

George Schmidbauer retooled the Weaverville sawmill and turned the sawmill into a random length, 20′ sized 2×4 mill selling green products into the housing market of California, primarily sawing doug fir and white fir logs. The Weaverville sawmill resumed operations in June 1983 as Trinity River Lumber Co. Beginning in July of 1983, Trinity River Lumber Company started a second shift and ran consistently as a two shift operation. In 1987, George Schmidbauer’s son, Frank, purchased the mill from his mom and dad. Frank Schmidbauer operated the mill on a two shift basis until September 12, 2009 when the mill was tragically destroyed by fire.

Fortunately for the town of Weaverville, Trinity County, and the sawmill’s employees, Frank Schmidbauer committed to rebuild the sawmill. With a strong commitment to move forward, a new modern sawmill was built in Weaverville, California. The sawmill resumed operation in March of 2011 as a random length, 20′, 2×4 mill with increased capabilities for 4×4 and wider products.


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